As a special member of the family, your pet deserves the highest quality care when it comes to their health and wellness. At Shelbourne Pet Clinic, we strive to provide your furry friend with the best products and services available to ensure they stay healthy for years to come.

Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality of Veterinary Care

Located in the beautiful Tuscany Village at the corner of Shelbourne Street and McKenzie Avenue, Shelbourne Pet Clinic continues to serve pets and their owners with the best in veterinary care. When your pet walks through our doors, they will be surrounded by our friendly staff members and veterinarians, Dr. Donald Wilson, Dr. Lynette Browne and associates, who strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for your special friend.

We understand the relationship you share with your pet is an important one. That is why we offer a range of great services. From wellness exams and vaccinations to dental procedures and nutritional counselling; you can be sure that your pet is in the most capable hands possible.

Where Your Pet is Our #1 Priority

If you're looking for a truly caring and trustworthy veterinary clinic that puts your pet's best interests first, contact Shelbourne Pet Clinic today! We are proud to serve University Heights, Gordon Head and the surrounding neighbourhoods.