Shelbourne Pet Clinic is one of eleven clinics that work in association with the Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital and Central Victoria Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital is the largest, fully equipped, fully staffed, 24 hour facility on Vancouver Island.

Our association with CVVH gives us access to specialists in the following fields:

    Internal Medicine
    General and Specialty Surgery

Other services provided by CVVH include:

    24 Hour Medical Care/ Emergency Hospital
    Fully Equipped Laboratory
    Digital Radiology including CT Scan
    Veterinary Diets
    Cremation Services

Other services we provide include, but are not limited to:

    Wellness examination, Geriatric Examination
    Consultation/2nd Opinion, Microchip
    Vaccination, Pedicure
    Spay/Neuter, General Surgery
    Dental Procedures
    Nutritional counselling
    Behavioral counselling

Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technology including digital radiography, laser surgery, and more. With love and care from you, along with our services, your pet will be able to lead a healthy life!